The Invitation


The Invitation - To What You've Always Longed For

A two day gymnasium for the soul designed to explore what it takes to create a productive and meaningful life.

Instead of pursuing happiness we invite you to explore a life of meaning and discover both.

You will be invited to exercise:

  • Managing impact through examining the choices you have made up until now.
  • Making the best choices available to us
  • Opening possibilities we never knew were available.
  • What it means to thrive.
  • Breaking through limitations such as: blaming, shaming, and complaining.
  • The power of interpretation on choice and action.
  • Choosing responsibly instead of reacting to circumstances.
  • The power of collaborating with others
  • Generating credibility and learning through Living as your word

  • Clarify what matters most to you and pursue what is meaningful rather than what is expedient.

  • Speak what matters most to you as if you had a right to it, at least the same right as others.

  • Experience yourself as competent, able and even heroic in pursuing it.

  • Practice treating yourself like someone who matters to you.

  • Discover how to transform sorrow into wisdom, disappointment into intimacy and despair into possibility.

  • Free yourself from bitterness, resentment and condemnation where it may exist and regain your power to order the chaos of complexity and release beauty in your business and personal relationships.

  • Breakthrough to new levels of creativity in the face of seemingly impossible obstacles or circumstances.


LOCATION: Homeboy Industries, Downtown LA  (130 W. Bruno St, 90012) *Free Parking Available

TIME: Saturday 10:00 am - 11:00 pm, Sunday, 09:00am - 9:00pm

COST: $595 - $550 early bird rate for those who register prior to 10/15/18

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