Let's turn leadershit
into leadership

If you were working on the wrong issues, would you want to know?

How we do it.

1. Inquiry

Most assessments are bullshit.

Through a combination of difficult conversations and scientific analysis, we reveal the team dynamics that are currently sabotaging outcomes. Before we talk "next", we must own "now".

2. Trainings

Most off-sites are bullshit.

Engage your team in the conversations that have been avoided through trainings that are uniquely crafted and unapologetically connected to leadership's vision.

3. Coaching

Most coaching is bullshit.

Our individual coaching uses provocative questions, bold feedback and trackable results to support each team member in delivering on their commitments.

"If you’re willing to actually operate differently and more effectively there is no one better ⏤ They give you the tools as long as you have the courage to use them."
Josh Giegel Co-Founder & CTO, Virgin Hyperloop One

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Who we do it for.

"I could not have asked for a better pathfinder shining a light where I could not see as I wound my way through all my unconscious and conscious behaviors in service of becoming a better leader (and human), and for that, I will always be in his debt."
Courtney Nichols Gould Co-Founder & Co-CEO, SmartyPants Vitamins

Our Team

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Bethany Goodin VP of Operations
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